Speaker Bio

James Ngomeli

James Ngomeli is the Chief Energizing Officer and Founding Partner at Brands and Beyond Ltd, a business offering Sustainable Branding and Energy solutions. He has more than three decades of experience bringing together Brand management, Innovation, Energy Solutions, and Behaviors Change in order to create Sustainable solutions for organizations. Currently I sit on the board of Transport Licensing Board with the key mandate to accelerate de-carbonization of the transport sector. My expertise in community and stakeholder engagement has enabled me to set up collaborations between soft and technical skills for major investments like the 300 MW Turkana Wind Park Project ($3b, the biggest private sector investment in the area), the $2 billion LAPPSET project, the Kenya Offgrid Solar Access Programme (KOSAP), and the 65 MW Kinagop project. Additionally, he provides route-to-market consulting services to potential investors looking to establish sustainable brands in East Africa.
I am well-versed in the potentials and issues associated with energy value chain in Africa, from the managerial position all the way to the lowest level of the pyramid. For a period of six years, I led the biggest corporate reorganization in the energy sector of Kenya Power and Lighting Company. I was also part of the Board and Founding Trustee of the Kenya Power Pension Fund, sitting in the investment committee, for the same duration. Recently, I have acquired useful knowledge regarding sustainable behavior change and communication, while being part of the team that worked on the re-designing ,remodelling and revamping of the UN offices in Nairobi. The programme, which was launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, was aiming to create a flexible working environment that is both eco-friendly and sustainable, as well as to reduce the carbon footprint.
My experience includes taking part in the development of progressive initiatives and awards that provide sectors with the chance to show their sustainability progress through award programs such as the Kenya Pensions Award and the upcoming Africa Renewable Energy Awards and Africa Sustainable Brands Awards. I have put together, managed and hosted various energy and water conferences, talk shows and award ceremonies. Additionally, I have collaborated with embassies and trading delegations to aid them in making connections with essential stakeholders. As the previous chairman for the Chartered Institute of Marketing East Africa for the longest duration, I am still a major figure when it comes to providing leadership for sustainable branding and communication on the African continent.
I have a long standing experience in gender mainstreaming and advocacy as the sector chair of the board diversity committee at Kenya Private Sector Alliance . I am the convener of Africa’s largest network of Women in Energy, known as the ‘Africa Queen of Energy awards programme.’ Additionally, I am the founding trustee of the 30% Club, an International group that promotes stock exchange companies to achieve the 30% board representation minimum for women .
For many years, I have been responsible for promoting gender equality and advocacy in the country Starting as the sector chair of the board of directors at the Kenya Private Sector Alliance. Moreover, I am the organizer of the biggest network of Women in Energy in Africa, called the ‘Africa Queen of Energy awards programme’. Additionally, I am the founding trustee of the 30% Club, a global organization that urges stock exchange companies to reach the 30% minimum board representation of women.
I am a creator and publisher of a series of children’s books about electricity, called “Stima Series,” and also have magazines such as the Transport Magazine and Energy Magazine called “Watts Up,” and I write for newspaper columns on a regular basis. I have also won several awards along the way, including the Marketing Society’s ‘Warrior Award,’ the ‘Best Utility Award,’ Rebranding and Corporate Change Award.’